University of Minnesota Programming Languages Interest Group
Next Meeting

Thursday, October 28, 4:00pm in Room 6-212, Keller Hall
Organizational meeting to discuss semester plans. We will be reading Benjamin Peirce's book Types and Programming Languages. Please read the first 2 chapters on prelimaries and bring any questions you have about those. We'll start reading following chapters after this first meeting.


This web page is intended to provide a loose organization to activities related to programming languages at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Work in this area is carried out within the research groups of professors Gopalan Nadathur and Eric van Wyk. Work is also done in the closely related area of software engineering in the group led by professor Mats Heimdahl. Finally, professor Stephen McCamant leads a research group in the area of program analysis for software security.

The immediate focus of this page is the Programming Languages Discussion Group. This is a group that meets once in two weeks and is intended to give people a chance to learn about new topics in programming languages research and also to socialize a bit with others who have similar interests. We follow the format of the "Concert Reading Group". Our current convener is Yuting Wang.

If you are interested in participating but have only just stumbled on this page, feel free to attend the next meeting. You may also want to join the PL Seminar mailing list to keep abreast of news of meetings and other activities.